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    Before you begin please ensure you have verified the YouTube account you want us to publish to so that they will accept videos longer than 15 minutes.  For more details see this help page:

    Libsyn can automatically publish your audio or video files to YouTube. In the case of a video file, the file is sent straight to YouTube. In the case of an audio file, Libsyn will use your artwork combined with your audio file to generate a video and push that out to YouTube.

    To get started, log into your Libsyn show and hover over Destinations and select Add New.

    Add Destination

    Select YouTube from the list.

    Add the YouTube Destination

    The destination will appear and will ask you to log into Google, hit that button.

    Login to Google

    You will need to log into your Google account, and if you have a personal and other channels, it will ask you which channel you wish to publish to. Select the channel you want episodes to be pushed to.

    Select a YouTube Channel

    Google will require you to approve permissions to integrate our YouTube destination with your YouTube account:

    Approve Permissions

    Hit Allow. Your browser will redirect back to Libsyn where you can configure how your content will distribute on YouTube. We’ll go through each option below.

    Log Out of Google

    If you wish to log out of your Google account, hit this button and save your settings. Otherwise, this can be left alone.

    YouTube Category

    Use the drop down selection to choose which category in YouTube you want your episodes published to.

    Upload Audio Episodes

    If you upload an MP3 file to an episode in Libsyn, Libsyn will use artwork associated either with the episode or the show and attach that to the MP3 file to make a video. That video then gets uploaded to YouTube.

    Regarding artwork, the episode artwork would be used. If no episode artwork is uploaded, then the show artwork would get used instead.

    Copy Libsyn Keywords to YouTube*

    If you have keywords entered into your show under Settings –> Show Settings, those keywords will be used for the video in YouTube.

    Have additional questions? Reach out to our support team at


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